Intro of R.L. Lawrence

Hi! I'm starting this blog because, well, a lot of reasons!
(1) I love to cook!
(2) I love to eat!
(3) I'm really overweight and gonna start losing it.
(4) I have me and my son on a gluten-free diet, and as of Jan 2011 on a temporary cow-milk-free and yeast-free diet.
(5) I write e-books, especially cookbooks and am always looking for input.

So ... now maybe you'd like to know a little bit more.

My son is disabled, as am I. There were three of us, my teenage son, me and my husband of 3 years. The marriage isn't working out.  For now, I'll just call my husband Hubby, and my son Bubba.  Just call me R.L.!

We live on a small farm in Western USA where we have goats, chickens, dogs and cats.  We grow some of our food, but try to buy locally whenever possible.  I'm working on becoming careful about what we eat... minimize pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, and so forth.

I started out at 270 pounds in June 2010 and with hard work, eating gluten-free and low-carb, and support from online friends, I've gotten down to 213.8 pounds (today).  But, there's a hiccup in my life, and I've had to suspend my program while I get my home life straightened out.

Meanwhile, our plan to get back to it as of January 1 is NOT because it's a new year. It's because I've promised my son a somewhat normal Christmas, and that's what I intend to do.... with all of the trimmings! Especially my pecan pie with chocolate chips!  He's asked for a day or two of eating wheat, and I'm saying yes, so here come the store-bought pie crusts that are sooo much easier than making my own gluten-free crusts.

Welcome and enjoy the blog!

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