Prepping for Snow Storm

Not just a blog about food and getting healthy, this is also about my day-to-day life, raising food, chickens, goats, and my disabled son.

Tonight through tomorrow we're expecting 3-6 inches of snow, with a high on Thursday and Friday in the 30's.  So today, we're burning calories by hauling pine branches and a bale of hay into the goat pen, and cleaning out the water buckets to give them fresh clean water.

Of course, can't forget the chickens. I'll give them extra hay on their flooring to help keep them warm. Will also clean out their water buckets, and let them all out to forage for as much of today as possible. They won't want to go in until dark but if the temp dips into the 20's before then (not expected but you never know), then I'll round them up.

We're selling some of our chickens. Money is tight for everyone, including us, so 5 of our hens and our loudest rooster is going. Once they are sold and picked up, I'll combine all of the chickens together to help them keep warm.

Our chickens don't lay much right now. Some are still a little too young, but some are molting and then, in general, the hens don't lay as often when there's less than 12 hours of daylight. That's ok. We have enough eggs to feed us.  And our one milk goat provides enough drinking milk for us, but not much more since I only milk her once a day. The other full-grown milk goat is (hopefully) pregnant but is mostly used to breed, and our 10 month old doeling hasn't been mated yet.  The wether, of course, is a castrated male, and is only a pet.

I rambled, but it's obvious ... we have lots of work here on our little homestead. Totally worth it. Our milk and eggs are hormone-free and antibiotic-free, and we know they are good and healthy for us.

Weight holding steady at 213.6 this morning. All right!

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