Happy New Year

It's 11 days into the new year, and boy howdy are we busy! We have new baby chicks coming, selling some of the goats and cats, and keeping all of the livestock from freezing in this arctic blast we call Winter! 

I'm also working hard on new e-cookbooks, and a newsletter called "Survival Cooking and Living".  My first articles are due tomorrow so it can be published on the 15th. Not much time, but I work great under pressure.

Haven't managed to get my eating under control yet. When it's so very cold out, hot warm bread straight from the oven is extremely tempting! As is hot cocoa. Yum!  Okay, enough of that!

As far as my son is concerned, we're looking for "playmates" for him. Yes, at age 14 we really shouldn't call potential friends "playmates" but ... he'll get over it! Just someone to pal around with, talk about common interests, see a movie from time to time, and talk about boy stuff.

Already, we just so busy.

I'll update when I can. Start this year out great!

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